1798-1800 Alexandra Pavlovna Romanova by V. Borovikovsky [Russian Historic Portrait (ex Lenin) Gallery - Moskva Russia]

She was married off to a member of the Habsburg family as part of a deal cementing an anti-Napoleonic alliance.

Spots removed throughout image with Photoshop and image enlarged by a quarter by gogm.

One of the practical adaptations of Russian dress was the jacket bodice, shown here as the orange portion of Alexandra Pavlovna's dress.

Keywords:  1798, Borovikovsky, Alexandra Pavlovna, Grand Princess, Archduchess, Romanov family, Habsburg family, bouffant curly coiffure, floral headdress, trapezoidal neckline, fichu, jacket bodice, quarter length close sleeves, long close sleeves, waist band, full skirt, order star, cameo

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