SUBALBUM:  Mary Crowninshield Endicott Chamberlain

Mary Crowninshield Endicott became the Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain’s third wife in 1888. She was from Salem, Massachusetts, USA which is famous for witchcraft trials conducted in 1692 and 1693. Joseph Chamberlain had a child by Harriet Kenrick and four more by Florence Kenrick. Joseph and Florence's last child, Aurthur Neville Chamberlain, became PM, but did not deal appropriately with Adolf Hitler so he is known history for appeasing a dictator. Joseph and Mary did not have children. The best biographical information I can find, and the source of most of the images, has ths, “...In late spring of 1916, Mrs. Chamberlain became engaged to another older, widowed, English gentleman: the Reverend William Hartley Carnegie, a Canon and Sub-Dean of Westminster Cathedral. They were married in August…"

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