1500-1510 Anne d'Alencon Marquise de Montferrat (1492-1562) daughter of Rene Duc d'Alencon from the House of Valois-Alencon and Marguerite de Vaudemont by Macrino d'Alba (Santuario dell’Assunta - Guardia Sanframondi, Campania Italy)

Anne d'Alençon's Wikipedia article is here.

From 2.bp.blogspot.com; linear flaws in figure and background, arc-shaped flaws in background and spots throughout removed and then the background was blurred with Photoshop by gogm.

Anne's hair net, worn over a ferroniere, and cap are noteworthy. Her ferroniere appears to be woven through her hair net at her temple and the pearl may vome through an opening in the net. The ferroniere appears to go over the back of her cap.

Keywords:  d'Alba, Anne d'Alencon, Valois family, Marquise, French, straight coiffure, cap, ferroniere, chemise, necklace

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