1518 Jeanne d'Aragon by Raffaello Sanzio ("Raphael") (Louvre)

Super star artist Raphael's portrays Jeanne d'Aragon wearing a gorgeous Italian Renaissance dress. The Wikipedia article for Raphael is here.

Jeanne d'Aragon wears a spectacular hat in this 1518 Raphael portrait. Her outer garment would be very immodest, á la Minoan, so a modesty piece is added. The sleeves of her chemise are highlit by the slashed and (satin?) sleeves of her outer dress. Her sleeves are puffed outwards by the fukkness uf the sleeves of her chemise, a style that would last for over a century. Note the lack of a vee-pointed bodice; she only wears a waistband.

Keywords:  1518, Raphael, Italian, bateau neckline, straight long coiffure, jeweled hat, slashed sleeves, long puffed sleeves, under-sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, chemise

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