1536 Lady by Master A. W. (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Give her "A" for guts for holding that white rose.

The sitter wears an unusual dress with natural waistline, separate matching capelet collar, fashionable satin puffed sleeves, and a gorgeous French hood. She has well-covered shoulders with a partlet partially concealed by a vee-necked, lapeled cowl that protects her neck along with the fringed high collar. The pointed bodice appears to be replaced by a one-piece robe or an unpointed bodice sewn to the robe. The sleeve material matches her petticoat.

Sleeves were the subject of great attention in the sixteenth century. They were often enlarged (called "puffed" in the keywords), and slashed to reveal underlying material or decorated with puffed cloth ornaments, and (if that wasn't enough) a sleeve matching the bodice was not the only sleeve. Rather it hid a contrasting false sleeve. Many 1500s portraits show sleeves that are false and puffed and slashed.

Keywords:  1536, Master A. W., French hood, English, straight coiffure, high enclosing neckline, capelet collar, jeweled headdress, jeweled neckline, jeweled waist band, jeweled pendant chain, puffed sleeves, false sleeves, slashed sleeves, natural waistline, cuffs, over-skirt

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