Beatrix Pacheco d'Ascalona, dame d'honneur d'Eléonore d'Autriche by Corneille de Lyon (Châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon - Versailles, Île-de-France France)


Photo by Philipp Bernard from Reunion des Musées Nationaux; some spots in background remove with Photoshop by gogm.

Beatrix dresses down in workaday clothes in this de Lyon portrait. Her inner cap forms a veil used to hang a pendant in the Spanish style.

Keywords:  de Leon, Bernard - Philipp, Beatrix Pacheco, Countess of Montbel and Entremonts, comtesse de Montbel et Entremonts, Countess, Lady-in-waiting, Queen Eleanore, side curl coiffure, cap, veil, pendant, crescent neckline, long puffed sleeves, shallow necklace

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