Dona Beatrix Pacheco d'Ascalana comtesse d'Entremont dame de Montbel de Piémont by Jean Clouet (Musée Condé - Chantilly, Picardy France)

From Reunion des Musées Nationaux; photo - René-Gabriel Ojéda.

This shows the French hood, wide crescent neckline, and shallow necklace were in use before Jean Clouet passed away in 1541.

Keywords:  Clouet - Jean, Ojéda, Beatrix Pacheco, Countess of Montbel and Entremonts, comtesse de Montbel et Entremonts, Countess, French, Lady-in-waiting, Queen Eleanore, straight coiffure, French hood, crescent neckline, modesty piece, long bottom-flared sleeves, shallow necklace

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