1621-1625 Anne of Spain/Austria by Peter Paul Rubens (Musée du Louvre - Paris, France)

This is a well-known Rubens portrait of Anne of Spain/Austria showing dress at the end of the farthingale era.

Upgrade image posted 29 October 2014 from the lost gallery's photostream on flickr.

1621-1625 Anne of Spain:Austria by Peter Paul Rubens (Musée du Louvre - Paris, France) From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr 6002543805 d8aec46eb7 o

Fashion didn't change just because the century changed. She wears a ruff and slashed sleeves revealing white stuff (that looks like satin) beneath. According to Blum in Laver, ed., "Costume of the Western World," p. 337 (USA ed. 1951) - "A low-necked gown open in front and displaying an undergarment decorated with sumptuous embroidery and pearls. Puffed sleeves in two parts, with panes revealing a satin ground. Large triple collar and cuffs of cambric shaped like flower petals. Pearl diadem. Belt and large necklace of pearls and precious stones."

She is wearing a black garment with hanging sleeves that covers more than those worn by the unknown lady attributed to William Segar and Lady Reynell earlier in this album. The white satiny fill of her false sleeves appears to be held in by brocade straps (panes). Her cambric cuffs and floating ruffs have triangular edges.

This is the Wikipedia version of the image showing the turquoise blue and gold of her bodice and skirt. There are other versions that do not show these colors.

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