1622 Ana de Austria by Peter Paul Rubens (Prado)

Notice her huge ruff and the black counterpart of an outer ruff setting it off and the slashed accordion-puffed sleeves in this 1622 Rubens portrait of Anne of Spain/Austria.

This shows the ruff expanding to become a collar and a vee-neckline ended by a rosette. Her sleeves are fully accordion-pleated and they appear to be slashed to reveal darker material inside. The lace is showing evidence of filling in gaps left open in early lace.

Keywords:  1622, Rubens, Anne of Spain/Austria, Habsburg family, Bourbon family, Queen, French, curly coiffure, vee neckline, necklace, earrings, neckline ruff, lace, cuffs, virago sleeves, accordion pleat sleeves, slashed sleeves, modesty piece, basque waistline, full skirt, rosettes

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