1605 Anne of Denmark by John de Critz (National Maritime Museum London)

This portrait shows that she liked the farthingale; she had Queen Elizabeth's altered for her use.

The Wikipedia article for John de Critz is here.

The straight or crescent neckline of the previous century is replaced by a scoop décolletage edged with a pink downward facing fringe, a bertha, matching her cuffs. The bodice looks like it rests on the wheel with an expanded base like that of Lady Reynell. Rosettes of pink and black silk or satin add a note of color and three long rows of pearls add an opulent bodice ornament. Fashion had yet to abandon 1500s forms, but was experimenting with variations. The colors are more subdued than those of Elizabethan dress.

Her coiffure is impressive - almost 1770s or 1780s in height, but this picture and the last show she liked big, but rather simple, coiffures. Compare these to Brigida Spinola Doria, Maria Serra Pallavicini, or Margaret of Savoy.

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