ca. 1558 Elizabeth I by English School (Philip Mould)

According to Philip Mould's notes for this portrait, "This portrait, previously unknown, is one of only a handful of images that show Elizabeth I at the outset of her reign in 1558..." Philip Mould's notes for this image are here.

The comments by marileecody ( about the Clopton portrait also apply to this one, "She is dressed quite plainly but this is nonetheless a lovely portrait. It was not intended to be an iconographic statement and thus focuses on the young queen's features rather than those of her surroundings.

Most portraits of Elizabeth as queen are concerned with conveying an image rather than the truth of her appearance or character. She never appears less than confident and regal. But in this portrait her gaze is wary and she seems almost self-conscious in her finery."

This is similar to the Clopton portrait with the same dress and jewels, but the book is arranged differently.

Keywords:  Queen Elizabeth Tudor, Tudor family, English, Queen, straight coiffure, high enclosing neckline, ruff, carcanet necklace, fur, cuffs, gloves

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