1569 Elizabeth and the Three Goddesses attributed to Hans Eworth (Royal Collection)

Queen Elizabeth of England is shown wearing full court dress in this 1569 Eworth portrait.

While I do not have a record of where I found it, this image was not obtained from the Royal Collection Web site. They do not have this posted on the Web as of 13 Januay 2010.

Her Spanish farthingale gown is gorgeous, much prettier than the wheel farthingales of her later reign.

This is a detail from an allegorical painting described by Norris in Tudor Costume and Fashion, p. 487 (Dover re-issue 1997), "The Queen is wearing full state dress... The whole costume is in black velvet, with a tight-fitting long pointed bodice edged at the waist line with small tabs and cut square at the neck. The skirt, open up the front, is edged with gold embroidery and rubies in gold mounts, the surface of the skirt being cutte in a set pattern to show silver underneath. The under-bodice, with high collar and close-fitting sleeves, and the underdress are of silver tissue covered with gold embroidery and pearls. The surcote, with a long train and short puffed sleeves, is of black velvet having a pattern of gold all over it and a gold-embroidered border. A close ruff and wristlets, a ruby and gold carcenet, and a jeweled girdle complete this rich and dignified dress..."

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