1574 Elizabeth red chalk portrait by Federico Zuccaro (British Museum, London)

A well-known portrait of Queen Elizabeth wearing a bouffant farthingale done in red chalk by Federico Zuccaro. The Wikipedia article for Federico Zuccaro is here.

While it is a sketch, it shows the partlet, rolled sleeves, veil, and farthingale of her dress as well as the general shape. This is the comment by marileecody (http://www.marileecody.com/eliz1-images .html ), "This is a prepatory sketch for a full-length portrait. Zuccaro made a companion sketch of the queen's favorite courtier, Sir Robert Dudley. A phoenix and pelican are perched on the columns behind the queen." She later explains "The phoenix symbolizes sacrifice and rebirth" and "represents the queen's selfless love of her subjects" because in "legend, the pelican pricked its own breast to feed its children with the blood."

Keywords:  1572, Zuccaro, Queen Elizabeth Tudor, Tudor family, English, Queen, straight coiffure, crescent neckline, partlet, ruff, French sleeves, cuffs, jeweled headdress, carcanet necklace, farthingale, fan

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