1585 The "Welbeck," "Wanstead," or "Peace" portrait by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder

This 1585 allegorical portrait by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder is one of the first portraits of Queen Elizabeth of England that I saw.

The Luminarium calls this the Welbeck or Wanstead portrait. Marileecody.com calls this the Peace portrait. All attribute it to Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder. Marileecody's note is good:  "In this portrait, the queen is the harbinger of peace. She holds an olive branch in her left hand and a sheathed sword lies at her feet. She is possibly wearing the same headdress, collar and girdle from the 'Ermine Portrait' (the next image - gogm). Also, both gowns are 'Polish style' with froggings.

From the date, we can assume the symbolism refers to the turbulent situation in the Netherlands.

I have read that this is the only definitively identified painting by Gheeraerts the Elder; it is certainly his only surviving oil portrait. I have named this portrait 'The Peace Portrait' for obvious reasons, but there is no widely-accepted title."

The Wikipedia article for Marcus Gheererts the Elder is here.

Compared to the eye-popping color and jeweled gowns of many of her other portraits, her gown is downright tame. She wears jewelry, but her gown has a simple pattern. Her headdress is subdued too with sparing jewels embedded in her hair. Her robe is the only elaborate garment worn by her.

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