Madame de Montmorency by Daniel Dumonstier

Photo -Thierry LeMage. From; some flaws removed from background with Photoshop.

Madame de Montmorency by Daniel Dumonstier Photo -Thierry LeMage From deflaw

This portrait of Charlotte Montmorency may show the onset of more sophisticated lace influencing ruff becoming collars as well as berthas. She lived through the end of the farthingale era and the rise of middle 1600s fashions.

Keywords:  Dumonstier, Charlotte de Montmorency, princesse de Condé, Duchess, Princess, Montmorency family, Bourbon family, French, curly coiffure, headdress, vee neckline, lace neckline ruff, lace bertha, rosettes, necklace, earrings

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