1575-1600 Bodice worn by Marie de Medici in Paris (Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, Massachusette USA)

From oldrags.tumblr.com/tagged/famous+owner/page/5.

Here is a real basque bodice with short hanging sleeves. The flap covering the attachment band of the bodice can be seen on both sides of the rounded point and it is matched around the armscyes. These flaps are not divided into discernible smaller tabs.

The description accompanying the image is, "Costume bodice worn by Marie de Medici, 1575-1600 Spain (worn in Paris), MFA Boston."

Keywords:  Marie de Medici, Medici family, Bourbon family, Queen, saya, split bodice, high neckline, collar, lining, hanging sleeves, tabbed sleeves, hanging sleeves, tabbed bodice, basque waistline

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