Livia Arcimboldi (?) by Pier Francesco Cittadini (auctioned by Bonhams)

If this really is Livia Arcimboldi, then this is a posthumous portrait because Pier Francesco Cittadini lived between 1616 and 1681. According to her genealogical sketch, Livia Arcimboldi died in 1577. Her father died in 1559 and her mother in 1574; this may date to her mourning for the loss of her father. Cittadini painted still lifes so he may have copied a portrait of Livia that existed at that time, updating the lace to keep up with the latest fashion.

From Bonhams’ Web site. The image had numerous spot and streak flaws that I partially suppressed with Photoshop. The flaws probably obliterated details of the dress. The only detail I could see by grossly exaggerating filling in shadows or increasing exposure was a dark strip at the outer side of her left sleeve. The probable sleeve tabs remained hidden.

Livia Arcimboldi (?) by Pier Francesco Cittadini (auctioned by Bonhams) From Bonhams Web site

The ruff may be a case of the artist inserting 1600s style. This is an example of the linkage between Iberian and Italian styles. Her right sleeve appears to have a black back-flared cuff suggesting this is a mourning dress.

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