1559 or after Catherine de Medici widowed by François Clouet (USA Library of Congress)

This color drawing of Catherine de Medici shows François Clouet to be the preeminent portrait artist of his day. In 1559, her daughter Elisabeth (featured later in this site) married Felipe II of Spain as part of the arrangements to end prolonged wars with the Habsburgs. The festivities included jousting. Henri II, wearing the colors of Diane de Poitiers, participated. The lance of comte Gabriel de Montgomery pierced the eye slit of Henri's salet to cause a fatal head injury. It is often said that the famous seer Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) foresaw the incident.

Her gown features slashed sleeves and a deeply arced crescent bodice.

Keywords:  Clouet - François, Catherine de Medici, Medici family, Valois family, Queen, French, curly coiffure, neck ruff, crescent neckline, headdress, veil, ruff, necklace, earrings, rolled sleeves

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