Possibly Mary, Queen of Scots by ? (Burghley House Collection, Burghley House - Stamford, Lincolnshire UK)

From lisby1's photostream on flickr; image made lighter to bring out details.

Regardless of who this Lady is, this portrait shows the big rolls of French sleeves gave dressmakers opportunities to create striking geometric designs, presaging op art by some 400 years.

Keywords:  Mary Queen of Scots, Stuart family, Scottish, Queen, straight coiffure, jeweled attifet, high neckline, ruff, collar, partlet, crescent neckline, French elbow length over-sleeves, fur, long tight under-sleeves, cuffs, girdle, vee waistline, farthingale, over-skirt, carcanet necklace, jeweled pendant chain, jeweled pendant

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