1621 Elizabeth Salter of Flowton by J. Hoskins (location unknown to gogm)

Elizabeth Salter wears a dress with what would be called an Empire waistline combined with an "Elizabethan" ruff in this 1621 Hoskins portrait.

Tabbed and hanging sleeves always appeared to be associated with farthingales and vee waistlines. Not so here. Her dress has a vee neckline fringed with lace covered by a substantial modesty piece, Like the preceding images, her dress has a waistline, this one characteristic of the 1820s set off a by a broad matching waistband. Her coat appears to have tabbed sleeve openings that reveal long close sleeves that can't be called "false" because everything is made of the same material. It is not possible to tell if she is wearing hanging sleeves, although the lower left corner suggests her dress has them. She appears to be wearing a watch attached to her waistband.

Keywords:  1621, Hoskins, British, straight coiffure, vee neckline, ruff, bertha, back flared cuffs, lace, coat, hanging sleeves, long close sleeves, waistband, watch, low Empire waistline, waistband, full skirt, pendant, bracelets, watch

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