1623 Mertijntje of Ceters by ? (Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam, Holland)

This is from the Rijksmuseum’s Web site. Navigational markings were patched over at center top and center bottom. Screen shots from their site are shaded differently causing visible lines. The top two lace rosettes and the bottom part of the brocade under-skirt are patched in and some minor distortion was unavoidable. Other navigational marks, spots, and flaws were removed with Photoshop. Shadows were filled in and the exposure was increased.

1623 Mertijntje of Ceters by ? (Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam, Holland) From museum's Web site despot shadows inc. exp

This Dutch Lady is wearing a saya with false and hanging sleeves and a deep ruff and framing headdress made of sophisticated lace. The framing headdress with its rounded edges has the curve of a French hood. She may be wearing gold chain necklaces inside of her large ruff. Her gloves are edged with a typical spiky reticella lace.

Keywords:  1623, Mertijntje of Ceters, Dutch, frizzy coiffure, hair jewelry, lace framing headdress, necklace, bodice, high enclosing neckline, lace ruff, lace bertha, tabbed sleeves, hanging sleeves, lone tight false sleeves, lace back-flared cuffs, farthingale, over-skirt, pendant chain, gloves, saya

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