1628 Lady Anne Fanshawe by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (Valence House Museum, London)

Lady Anne Fanshawe wears a black dress with small and a large lace-edged collar, balloon sleeves, and back flared white lace cuffs in this 1628 Gheeraerts portrait.

Her dress and hat are in keeping with what an American would call "Pilgrim dress" with black color and a wide-brimmed hat. Instead of two ruffs, she wears a collar and a bertha as well as double back-flared cuffs made of lace rather more sophisticated than that seen in earlier images. She wears balloon sleeves secured with bows and, in a style adopted by Queen Henrietta Marie, a vee waistline and a waist band set to create a shallower vee. The waistband is cut off before it reaches to her sleeves, suggesting she is wearing a coat with hanging sleeves.

Keywords:  1628, Gheeraerts the Younger, British, curly coiffure, high enclosing neckline, collar, bertha, lace,  vee waistline, waist band, back flared cuffs, coat, virago sleeves, balloon sleeves, hanging sleeves, rosettes, bows, full skirt, jeweled feathered hat

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