1629 Margaret Dodding by follower of Gheeraerts (Roy Precious Antiques and Fine Art)

MutualArt.com states the Gheeraerts follower is Sir William Segar. An article in Wikipedia mentioned a member of the Dodding family, George, as a "zealous Roundhead." Margaret was his relative, but I cannot find anything else about her.

From Roy Precious Antiques and Fine Art; lightness added by gogm.

Margaret Dodding is dressed in black, presumably a pro-Puritan political statement, in this 1629 portrait.

Keywords:  1629, Segar- Sir William, straight coiffure, cap, high neckline, collar, epaulettes, partlet, crescent neckline, hanging sleeves, virago sleeves, balloon sleeves, slashing, back-flared cuffs, waist band, natural waistline, under-skirt, necklace, bracelets

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