1629 Anne Hale, Mrs. Hoskins, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (private collection)

Gheeraerts portrays Anna Hale in a black dress with white lace-trimmed collars, striped ribbons and bows, and a hat adorned with flowers in this 1629 portrait.

Wikimedia has a compilation of images for Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger here.

Its not possible to work out where her waistline is, although it is high in this made for American Halloween image. She wears a collar and bertha and a modesty piece leaving a lace-lined vee opening.

Keywords:  1629, Gheeraerts the Younger, British, straight coiffure, square neckline, collar, bertha, back flared cuffs, virago sleeves, balloon sleeves, bows, hanging sleeves, floral hat, bracelets, gloves

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