Lady Anne Lawley, wife of Sir Thomas Lawley attributed to John Souch (sold by Weiss Gallery)

Her article in thepeerage is here. Her genealogical sketch is here. Neither has her date of birth. She was born Anne Manning and married Sir Thomas Lawley and then Sir John Glynne. She had three children in her first marriage and one child in her second marriage.

According to artnet, this is a "Portrait of Lady Lawley, wife of Sir Thomas Lawley, in a richly embroidered white dress and black hat, with a timepiece hanging from her waist, holding a fan in her left hand.”


Lady Anne Lawley, wife of Sir Thomas Lawley by John Souch (location ?) From

Her article in thepeerage dates this portrait to 1630, but the dress belongs to the middle-late 1610s.  John Souch’s Wikipedia article mentions Souch’s first commission came in 1620 so this portrait is posted to around 1620.

Her saya-like dress has two bodice layers, a down-sloped lace-trimmed conical ruff, lace-edged partlet, lace bertha, and lace-edged cuffs. Some jewels rest on her left shoulder. The over-skirt and bodice, under-skirt, and under-bodice and sleeves are made of different luxurious materials. The hanging sleeves are lined with yet another material and the under-sleeves are covered by sheer material like the dual sleeves of the Naopléonic era. She hangs her timepiece from a cloth gold-embroidered girdle.

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