ca. 1615 Elizabeth Stuart and Son by Nicholas Hilliard (location unknown to gogm)

From Wikimedia.

If there were doubts about risqué necklines, this print should end them. Elizabeth Stuart's huge wheel farthingale looks like Elizabeth Tudor's from a decade earlier, but the décolletage is up-to-date and it raises questions about the design of corsets and what precaustions, if any, were used to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. (Viewers from outside the USA can see the origin of the USA English term wardrobe malfunction here.)

Keywords:  1615, Hilliard, Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia, Stuart family, Wittelsbach family, Princess, Queen, straight coiffure, framing headdress, jeweled headdress, hair jewelry, floating ruff, lace, scoop décolletage, bows, bertha, stomacher, tabbed sleeves, long close sleeves, back-flared cuffs, false sleeves, hanging sleeves, wheel farthingale, earrings, pendant, jeweled sleeves, jeweled bodice, jeweled skirt

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