ca. 1606 Princess Elizabeth, later Queen of Bohemia, by Robert Peake (Metropolitan Museum)

Princess Elizabeth, later Queen of Bohemia,  is dressed in a wonderful example of hair jewelry as well as a framing headdress in this 1606 Peake portrait.

She was daughter of James Vi/I and Anne of Denmark. She married Frederick V, Elector of the Palatinate, to bolster Stuart ties to north German Protestant rulers. They were offered rule of Bohemia, now the western two-thirds of the Czech Republic. Frederick was crowned King of Bohemia in 1619, launching the Thirty Years War. He was ousted a year later. She is known as the "Winter Queen" owing to her brief tenure.

This is a wonderful example of hair jewelry as well as a framing headdress. The wheel farthingale is getting a little stale, although little ten-year old Elizabeth looks truly impressive in her dress. She wears close long sleeves that emerge from tabs, but there are no hanging sleeves. Her jeweled bodice ornament is draped à la bandolier. She wears a bertha that transforms to a ruff beside and behind her hair that is coiffured in a manner that would make her mother, Anne of Denmark, proud.

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