Elizabeth in superb dress

This well-known print shows Queen Elizabeth fully turned out in a jeweled gown with full regalia.

This shows the full wheel farthingale dress with lace-fringed outer ruff, both crown and jeweled headdress, ruff, sleeves emerging from lined capelets, robe, necklaces, and fully jeweled gown covered with diamond patterned cloth tufts surrounding jewels. Norris wrote about this gown (from the original on which this print is based) in Tudor Costume and Fashion, pp. 604-606 (1997 Dover re-issue, "It... is said to represent the dress in which she went in state to St. Paul's... It is the earliest portrait of the Queen showing her dressed in full band or ruff, long stomacher, veil, and wheel-farthingale... The bodice, long hanging sleeves, and over-skirt are composed of white satin brocaded or embroidered with a gold scroll design. The sleeves, stomacher, and under-skirt with cart-wheel arrangement on top are of cloth of gold, covered with diagonal puffings of fine white silk: alternate intersections are decorated with groups of five pearls each, and rubies set in gold mounts, and a large pearl poses in the center of each lozenge of the gold foundation.

Other important items to be noted are the much becurled wig, ornamented with groups of pearls mounted on pins with clusters of jewels; the festoons of pearls, finishing in a pear drop pearl on the forehead; the crown surmounting all; the girdle; the earrings, lace, ropes of pearls, scepter and orb... Note the glimpse of white satin petticoats, the gold fringe of which just clears the ground."

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