Queen Elizabeth I, in a richly embroidered and bejewelled red dress, holding an orb and sceptre by a follower of Federico Zuccaro (auctioned by Christie's)

Queen Elizabeth's ruff is split so it does wrap completely around her head. She wears hanging and false sleeves and a French farthingale. Her stomacher appears to be surrounded by a jeweled frame.

Keywords:  Zuccaro, Queen Elizabeth, Tudor family, QueenEnglish, curly coiffure, crown, jeweled headdress, square neckline, neckline ruff, lace, hanging sleeves, lining, long puffed false sleeves, back-flared cuffs, stomacher, puffed cloth ornaments, vee waistline, French farthingale, over-skirt, choker necklace, draped necklace, earrings, jeweled neckline, jeweled stomacher, jeweled sleeves, jeweled skirt, geometric pattern in dress, regalia

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