1694 Marquise de Florensac by Henri and Robert Bonnart

This was found before I kept records of sources; I found it in my files, removed smudges with Photoshop, enlarged it by half, and posted it. Also posted to the Marquise de Florensac’s new Subalbum here.

1694 Marquise de Florensac by Henri and Robert Bonnart desmudge X 1.5

The Marquise is not wearing a Fontanges in her powdered hair that appears to be decorated with leaves, fruits, and berries.

Keywords:  1694, Bonnart, Marie Louise Thérèse de Saint-Nectaire, vicomtesse de Lestrange, marquise de Florensac, de Saint-Nectaire family, de Crussol family, Viscountess, Marquise, French, curly coiffure, floral headdress, beauty spots, lace-edged chemise, square neckline, jacket bodice, lapels, frogging, three quarter length flared close sleeves, turned back cuffs, lace engageantes, stomacher, waist band, bows, natural waistline, close skirt, lining, passementerie

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