1611 Christine de France by Frans Pourbus the Younger (location unknown to gogm)


Young Christine de France (or is it Élisabeth?) wears a wheel farthingale and mildly puffed sleeves in this portrait by Frans Pourbus the Younger.

The Wikipedia article for Frans Pourbus the Younger is here.

According to Blum in Laver, ed., Costume of the Western World, p. 337 (USA ed. 1951), "The very young Duchess of Savoy wears state robes enriched with pearls and precious stones. Low-necked bodice trimmed with lace matching the high-standing collar and the cuffs. It tapers to a closely gathered basque resting on the farthingale which puffs out the skirt. The latter is slit in front and fastened by ribbons. Diadem. Large pearls at the neck, ears, wrists, and breast."

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